Shark Fraternity

Private community with shark mindset.

We are going to try to convince you to spend your money on our NFT. Maybe we give you good reasons or maybe they are shitty reasons.
You value it.

The world is ruled by the powerful.

And information gives power. Some win and others are left out. The world goes like this, it has always worked like this and except that aliens have abducted you for many years, I am not telling you anything new.

And that’s what this community is about. Information, privileges and business.

A great change is coming. A great opportunity.

Years ago, when the internet began, the first ones to profit from it were better positioned later. Because there were fewer projects than there are now. There is an advantage in being the first and catching the wave. Either you get the best cake or the best investment.

Our project is about taking advantage of the crypto moment and we like to make money with it.

But we are idiots

It’s hard for us to understand the guts of cryptos, blockchains and Defi. 

We watch videos, we read articles, but everything looks like a hieroglyph. It’s technical and complicated and complicated things are boring. Our mind is limited and they have to give it to us chewed.

So our challenge is NOT to create an NFT game and a metaverse.

We leave that for that guy on Facebook and the axie infinity who will do it better than us.

Our thing is business and knowing where to put the money so that it grows like the mountain of clean clothes that we have to fold.

But right now the Defi world is so new and the information is so scattered and convoluted that it’s hard to get a clear picture. And it’s hard to trust financial advisers and people on the internet. Call us distrustful but we prefer to choose without anyone to recommend us.

Invest or do business knowing what we put the money into.

Because we get it.

With the pros and cons.

Don’t freak out later when we’re late and the project has gaps or falls apart and you lose money.

If you know where to put your money or your time, that can happen to you, but much less than if you have no idea.

Many NFT collections will tell you that it is art, that you can sell it later, that it is fashionable…

and blah blah.

We go beyond speculation, we are from the old school.

Make an expense a consistent return, not drop halfway. No rush, because otherwise you better dedicate yourself to betting.

So let's do something useful.

That’s why to enter this community, you will need to pass an initiation ritual:

Get an NFT Shark Fraternity as a gate pass.

All shark minds in one place.

If something that I tell you interests you, you can subscribe.

It is a private and exclusive project in which you will only be able to know more if you subscribe. Day that passes, day that you do not receive email with information about the details of the project. All shark minds in one place.

The opportunity is only for the insiders.

And if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe and run away.

But if you want to know when they go on sale, we will only tell those who are subscribed a short time beforehand. We are not going to shout it out on twitter. We have neither Discord nor will we have it. We are not going to waste your time or make you waste it.

Only by email.

When you subscribed, you will recive the first email called What I learned from mobsters when I worked at a bingo hall“.

The Shark Fraternity NFT

It’s a dodgy drawing of a shark. It is not a Picasso or a Beplees. Sorry, you won’t pay millions for it either. But you will pay if you want it.
Because it’s the gateway to the Shark Fraternity.
7 attributes, 134 traits, and 2 rarities.

The art of making money has always worked the same, it is strategy and information and knowing how to make smart decisions. Only the mechanisms to get there change.

There are people who make a fortune with crypto and they don’t need to have 2 million to invest. That’s the shark mentality, having common sense. But for that you need to understand the big changes that come. So much so that the fiat world ceases to be economically interesting.

The privileges

– Tranning Membership Make better decisions in the crypto world.

With guides so easy to understand that your grandmother would understand. We don’t have a clue either, just enough to pay experts on each topic. Trainning but without recommendations, with the strengths and weaknesses of each project or blockchain.

So no one has to think for you.

Give me the money I want to earn money, not spend it.

If we want to do a good business, we also know that you want to do it. And for that you have to recover your investment in value and money. Otherwise this project would be garbage and a tease.

A community with which to do business.

Exchange valuable information and join minds to create joint projects.

And much more… (for more information you must subscribe)

*Privileges subject to the percentage of sales of Shark Fraternity NFT.

About us

We are real people, flesh and blood, but with a nickname. And these people want to sell me an nft without showing their faces? Yes, for our safety and the safety of the project. If you don’t like it, you can stop reading.
The good news is that this is how the Defi world works, and this is how our community will work.

Secret, private and with benefits for those who are inside.

A few chairs and a lot of discretion.


The ilustrator, project manager, marketing team.


Noix showed me what he did and I answered “how nice”.